Hidden Self

Personal experiences and aspirations around leadership enabling them to develop originality in their leadership capabilities is to break his or their hidden self egoism. That’s true. My reflection on this model of the study derives from Johari Window’s model of learning reminded me in my past corporate job that I have many reporting staffs. At once when I accepted the hidden of myself that being disclosed by the team, it helped to build strong trust with the others. A hidden self, sometimes it is unknown to you but might not want others to know. Open it up, it drives us to be a strong leader when we lead the team toward common objectives. Individuals can build trust between themselves by disclosing information to others and learning about others from the information in turn to disclose about themselves. With the help of feedback from others, I became aware of some of my positive and negative traits as perceived by others and overcome some of the personal issues that may be inhibiting my personal or group dynamics within the team. It made me stronger as a leader to lead a successful team. As a leader, we should openly accept the hidden self.

Published by SM CHONG

A natural communicator and presenter, charismatic personality, embrace new challenges with a positive, result-oriented approach. Extensive experience in leading and working with cross-functional teams to develop, define, and execute highly measurable sales & marketing strategies to business objectives. Working in an in-depth Multi-Cultural environment in the Pacific region over the past three decades in the Chemical industry, a good understanding of respective cultures is essential to drive and support the business strategy. A dynamic team player with exceptional business, technical, and incomparable interpersonal skills can lead by inspiration.

4 thoughts on “Hidden Self

  1. The Johari Window mentioning the ‘Open area’ where you obviosuly have shared and received necessary information for the objectives of the organisation. Thank you for reminding me, as apiring or even seasoned leaders, we sometimes have to be reminded to break our ego.

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