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Leading in A Changing World ! We are living a constant and faster change characteristics our today’s world. The ability to learn faster than competitors may be the only competitive advantage (Geus, 1997). The crucial life sustaining competency is learning how to win at learning! Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.

Blog 5: Challenges of Leadership and Learning Organization

In previous blogs discuss what leadership styles motivate and manage changes while they envision the organisation’s objectives. Today’s blog reflects the natural relationship between Leadership and Learning organisation. It refers to the leadership qualities required to promote and encourage ideal learning, creativity, and another atmosphere. The Learning Organization, according to Peter Senge (1990), is dependentContinue reading “Blog 5: Challenges of Leadership and Learning Organization”

Blog 4 : Leadership and Change Management

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself” – Quoted by Leo Tolstoy, a famous Russian novelist. The quote precepts a good starting point for any leader engaged in organisational change. The leadership development supporting organisational change study conducted by McKinsey (2012) finds that individuals neglect the effort and overlookContinue reading “Blog 4 : Leadership and Change Management”

Blog 3: Leaders and Motivation and Its Affirmation

No one should consider educated to lead without understanding that leadership is relational (Kellerman, 2018) The meaning of leadership is contextual and a complex phenomenon. It defines in many ways. One needs to understand such complexity concerning leadership (Clarke, 2018). This blog review focuses on transformational leadership and its motivation values because of its popularContinue reading “Blog 3: Leaders and Motivation and Its Affirmation”

Blog 2: Managing diverse teams in a changing world and the role of leaders !

If the world is changing, leadership needs to change. Indeed, in the current 21st century, the world is in a fast-changing mode. The challenge of what it means to lead in this complex and changing landscape remains. Any organization must adapt to the changes, especially when working with a diverse team to operate effectively. BeforeContinue reading “Blog 2: Managing diverse teams in a changing world and the role of leaders !”

Blog 1: Where are our Ethical Leaders? Ethical Leadership

My impression of an ethical leader refers to a person who has a high value in moral, action with ethics, a transparent sincerity in leadership and a comprehensive philosophy on non-violence. Mr. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who won independence for India from the British empire without firing a bullet in the 20th century, shows us aContinue reading “Blog 1: Where are our Ethical Leaders? Ethical Leadership”

Hidden Self

Personal experiences and aspirations around leadership enabling them to develop originality in their leadership capabilities is to break his or their hidden self egoism. That’s true. My reflection on this model of the study derives from Johari Window’s model of learning reminded me in my past corporate job that I have many reporting staffs. AtContinue reading “Hidden Self”

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